For an outline of my experience and education, please refer to my LinkedIn profile. You can also find some of my pet projects and coding notes on GitHub.

Software Engineering

I have been developing websites and web applications as a hobbyist since 2017 and professionally since 2018. I started self-teaching via online resources out of personal curiosity, and I soon joined a coding bootcamp to shift out of the legal profession.

Why make the change?

Software development is one of the greatest tools we have to empower ourselves, as it allows for unfettered creative expression and open access to information. By contrast, the American legal system is built upon rigid adherence to precedent rather than innovation, and the judicial process is often lacking in transparency. The environment can grow to be stifling for those seeking meaningful progress.

My long-term goal is to use my knowledge of law and technology to improve access to legal information and increase the efficiency of government systems. Meanwhile, I continue learning as much as I can while helping good people do good work.

Legal Experience

I previously worked as an attorney in criminal defense, plaintiff's civil rights litigation, and legislative research and analysis. Although I no longer actively practice law, I remain licensed in the State of Hawaii and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Open Invitation

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about law or programming, or if you are considering a career change similar to my own.